Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Song behind Innocence! Book 1

Powerful and Emotional!

As songs go for when writing the first book for the Innocence series I found myself at a friends wedding on the 18th of April, Easter Friday, the process of Innocence had already started and then while sat enjoying the evening reception, this tune came on...now if you read Innocence you will be able to relate to the song and how much influence, power and emotion I created for the first book. The song is explanatory, the song whenever heard is only related to Innocence for me and the pain and sacrifices that Kacey had made over the years of her life and how those decisions have now very much caught her up and she becomes exposed and there is only now one direction for her, to finally share all her pain and secrets.    

Katy B - Crying for no reason!

We all know that one day things will come back to bite us on the bum, catch us out at some point and leave us totally flabbergasted and having to explain the actions and why you took the road we do to hide such things. We're all guilty in believing we can push things to the back of our minds, but it all depends on what your trying to hide. No matter what decisions we make during youth or adulthood, it can leave other people's lives tipped upside down and needing radical explanations. We all suffer and in Kacey's story its the innocent lives who she turns their world into a spin, creating emotions, feelings and the pure devastation, only is she given the chance to explain, tell the truth and will they forgive her?      

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