About Author Holly J. Gill

Hello... and welcome to Holly's little autobiography....

She is  a mum of three a boy Rhys and two daughters Victoria and Alisha. Holly has recently been made a nana to twins Thea Louise and Jacob Luke born on 9.12.14. She has been married for 21 years to Nigel and together since October 1991. She lives in a town called Grimsby in England UK. Her day job is working as a care assistant at a residential home. In her spare time she enjoys socializing with my friends and visiting the stunning sights of this country she lives in and visiting Castles and Stately homes.
Her writing career started when she could pick up a pen, and allowing her wild imagination to take over when at Junior school. When Holly was 19 she discovered what she enjoys writing contemporary Romance, enjoying the passion of two people. let alone following their remarkable journey. Her mind never shuts down, and all the time she finds these characters taking over her mind. In her spare time while being a mum and wife she wrote and in recent years her passion has gone crazy to the point where she  never lacks ideas, so here Holly is sharing her wild imagination with other followers, and thanking her wonderful fans sincerely for all their support.
Writing is where her heart is...

Holly never shuts down... but then why would she ever wish too?

Me on a live interview on the Estuary Channel Estuary Interview 11th June 2015

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