Friday, 20 February 2015

My Tips For Writing


Thinking about the experience with writing Innocence and how d
edicated I was to the series, really showed me how much I dedicate my special time with these characters and how I enjoyed writing about these amazing people.

Now I am a writer who writes of the cuff, I never plan, I never know which direction the book will be going and I certainly never know what the endings will be. Innocence the first book of the series was originally going to be a one off, but turned into four novels.

During writing the series I self-disciplined myself into giving all my spare time I possibly could, wherever I travelled my laptop followed, as well as my back up mini laptop, know when I say came everywhere I don't mean shopping or to doctors etc, what I am referring to is when my husband goes fishing I like to sit in the car, lappy on lap and write in the true peace and quiet as I do struggle at times with my noisy neighbours and there is nothing better then the sound of birds singing.  Or I follow my hubby when he is taking part in model railway shows he demonstrates up and down the country his craft at  building model trains. I sit out the way blank the noise around me out and write, write, write.
For Innocence it was written pretty much all over the country and due to my determination and passion for the series it followed me.

Now I know as a writer, it can be hard to find the time to write, especially when you have other commitments elsewhere and finding the time to write just a few words is like pulling teeth. I work 12 hour shifts and once home all I have time to do is check e-mails, glance at Facebook, twitter, google+  and other social media sites and then I have to head to bed feeling totally shattered. It is hard and sometimes impossible to write and feel like your hitting your head against a brick wall. So what works for me doesn't always work for others, some weeks are less hectic than others, with family and friends to fit in (which is always a pleasure) shopping, cleaning (which I hate) running here there and everywhere, and even if I manage to try and write a paragraph it helps, I feel I did something.

As a writer and published and loving the fact I have achieved my dream, makes me more determined every day to try and do something in my little writing world, whether it's plotting, researching, editing, re-reads or reading another authors book, it all contributes to the right step forward.

 My tips.

SPEAK TO OTHER WRITERS, get help and advice, I am lucky to have Secret Cravings Publishing to mail for any advice and people to talk to in their private group, there is always help.
SET YOURSELF A TASK, DEADLINE, not meaning the endings of the book but a particular scene, when I'm writing most of the time I end up carrying on and go with the flow, as once you get going there is no stopping you.

Whatever your writing or whatever your goal is enjoy! 


Friday, 13 February 2015

Cover, Tagline and the Blurb

I have been super busy putting together the information for the front cover for 'Innocence' in the questionnaire to be sent back for the cover artist.

Now this is an exciting time for any author, putting together and searching for an idea or image they have in mind let alone the desire to show off to the world and have people loving it. I have no doubt my cover artist will work her glorious magic of my ideas and have my heart racing.

I have to admit choosing the cover for Innocence, had to be taken with caution, and particular, coming with sensitivity, loyalty yet pain. It's hoping you make the right decision for the book and  due to the matters arising in this book has to be delicate.
The tagline, wow this came to me one morning while waking up, I must have been dreaming about Innocence. I instantly got my notepad and wrote it down before I forgot.
What are taglines? and why are they important to the book, a tag line is a catch phrase, without telling you anything detailed about what the story is about 

The next stage...the blurb now I'm sure every author finds this part the hardest condensing the book into 150 words without giving too much of the storyline away, how to work the blurb can take time, hours, days, weeks even and thankfully my publisher have someone working for them who gives a little hand and points you in the right direction. So what should authors consider when writing a blurb, to run and hide...kidding! No the blurb will be what sells the book, enlighten potential readers and encourage them, this is where the author has to work their magic and sell, sell, sell, so what to consider or possibly use, quotes, summery of the plot, characters and leaving the reader guessing, on the edge, longing for them to claim and read.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Inspiration for Innocence!

Innocence Location Inspired

 I am lucky to live in England and have some stunning scenery surrounding me and what I enjoy is driving the breath-taking countryside and the calm lifestyle that comes with it. I live in a town where it surrounded by noise and therefore, thankfully my husband likes to drive out of the town and take me to some of the stunning places our countryside offers, and I will confess, stunning places. I love visiting Stately Homes, castles, in fact crumbling monasteries in fields sensing of how lives were led hundreds of years ago makes me happy, there is nothing better than to gather a picnic and take in the depths and history of England. Many of the sights are owned by Heritage or National trust preserving such beauty.

One of my favourite areas since being a child has been Yorkshire Dales.
Breath-taking views, idyllic and so peaceful, all you can hear is the birds singing and sheep grazing in the fields. It’s truly wonderful to stand on-top of a hill and look down and the ever changing landscape, the limestone built building and the brick built walls, add to the magnificent setting. Streams and rivers that take you for acquaint walks and viaducts. I have to confess, to see such beauty I don’t mind pitching a tent and enjoying. Many films have also been shot in the area such at Kevin Costner, Prince of Thieves, Harry Potter, and Wuthering Heights and many more.
Aysgarth Falls
Image taken by me
A view of Askrigg
taken from Google search

And it is Yorkshire that recently has fed my imagination, sparked the fire and set my mind into a whirlwind of creating my recent manuscripts. I love such elegance and the history feel, setting the scene, the location, yet maybe just changing a few little minor details, creating the atmosphere and the feel for the story. Recently my fascination has been with an old boys school that has recently been changed back into a home, prizing with some stunning Grade I listed Hall close to York built back in 1610. A stunning Jacobean mansion house and immaculately restored to the highest standard, retaining important architectural details including an arcade of Doric columns and cornicing. The hall is set in approximately 83.5 acres of riverside gardens with rolling countryside in a quiet, secluded valley, having architectural grnadour throughout keeping its history, and those images are enough for me to create using the Hall.
This is the very Hall used in the Innocence series for Calvin Edwards parents, his mother inherited through the family and on the land of the Hall where Calvin is visiting from London to spend sometime precious time with his parents...only on the land he makes a discovery that changes his life.  

I think you can agree, stunning location, and yes I am jealous!