Friday, 13 February 2015

Cover, Tagline and the Blurb

I have been super busy putting together the information for the front cover for 'Innocence' in the questionnaire to be sent back for the cover artist.

Now this is an exciting time for any author, putting together and searching for an idea or image they have in mind let alone the desire to show off to the world and have people loving it. I have no doubt my cover artist will work her glorious magic of my ideas and have my heart racing.

I have to admit choosing the cover for Innocence, had to be taken with caution, and particular, coming with sensitivity, loyalty yet pain. It's hoping you make the right decision for the book and  due to the matters arising in this book has to be delicate.
The tagline, wow this came to me one morning while waking up, I must have been dreaming about Innocence. I instantly got my notepad and wrote it down before I forgot.
What are taglines? and why are they important to the book, a tag line is a catch phrase, without telling you anything detailed about what the story is about 

The next stage...the blurb now I'm sure every author finds this part the hardest condensing the book into 150 words without giving too much of the storyline away, how to work the blurb can take time, hours, days, weeks even and thankfully my publisher have someone working for them who gives a little hand and points you in the right direction. So what should authors consider when writing a blurb, to run and hide...kidding! No the blurb will be what sells the book, enlighten potential readers and encourage them, this is where the author has to work their magic and sell, sell, sell, so what to consider or possibly use, quotes, summery of the plot, characters and leaving the reader guessing, on the edge, longing for them to claim and read.


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