Thursday, 24 September 2015

Season Changing

So autumn or the fall depending where you are in the world is arriving fast, the leaves on the trees are starting to change color glowing reds and oranges, turning crisp, the nights are already pulling in making it darker earlier  and mornings getting lighter later. I have to confess I love watching the seasons change, and autumn is one of my favourite times of the years.

What I enjoy is going out and picking fruit of the trees, blackberries, raspberries, and apples,

Now baking blackberry and apple crumble or pie served with custard cannot in my eyes be beaten especially after tucking into a full chicken roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings and lots of varies vegetables harvested from the garden, you cannot beat it. I am a sucker for anything home grown, tastes fresh not covered in fertilizer, just simply grown from a small plant and watered regular, well being in UK, it always rains here.    

Perfect traditional roast English Sunday dinner

Followed by

Ingredients For Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Serves 6
  • 4 large cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into big chunks
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 225 g fresh or frozen blackberries, or mixed berries
For the crumble:
  • 170 g plain flour
  • 75 g butter
  • 75 g demerara sugar


1. Preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4.

2. Put the apple chunks, water and sugar into a saucepan over a lowish heat and cook until the apples are soft and mushy; this should take about 10 minutes. While cooking, stir it every minute or so to prevent sticking. Taste and add more sugar if it needs it.

3. Transfer the apple pulp into individual bowls or one big pie dish and allow to cool slightly. Stir the berries into the apples. 

4. Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles very coarse breadcrumbs. However, if you rub it too much the crumble will not be crunchy. Combine with the sugar.

5. Sprinkle the crumble mixture over the slightly cooled apple and bake for 15 minutes for small crumbles or 30-45 mins for larger crumbles. Serve warm custard or if you don't like custard go for whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. 
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Monday, 21 September 2015

Susan Fisher 'Cooper'

#Author #Spotlight

Today for a coffee and cream cake is on a fellow Secret Cravings Author Susan Fisher-Davis, I am so pleased after our publisher closed their doors her books are back out and ready to buy.  


He isn’t looking for love but when an obstinate hazel-eyed beauty from his past captures his attention, can falling in love be far behind.

Blurb for COOPER: 

Cooper Lang has all he needs in life—his ranch, his motorcycle shop and female companionship whenever he wants it. So when Kendra Mattingly reappears one hot summer day and knees him in the groin for kissing her, he knows he should stay clear but being one of the Bad Boys of Dry River also means accepting dangerous challenges and this beauty is definitely irresistible.  

Kendra has been in love with Cooper since her teens but after he rejected her, she settled for a loveless marriage, which she eventually escaped. Now her chance with Cooper has finally arrived yet she can’t help but feel he doesn’t want what she wants.

Upfront about his feelings regarding marriage and kids, Kendra ends things because she’s always wanted more. When her past threatens her safety, Cooper wonders if he’s made a huge mistake.


Emily slowly moved toward the doorway. She was about to peer into the mudroom when he came out. Her nose encountered a hard, naked chest. His arms quickly came up to grasp her arms to keep her from falling backwards and her hands moved to his solid pecs. Emily slowly raised her eyes, gazed up at him, and found him staring down at her. Her eyes moved to his right arm and she raised a finger to trace the tattoo of an eagle on his bicep. The wing spread out from his shoulder to above his right nipple. Lucas hissed in a breath when her fingers traced it slowly.

“You’re playing with fire,” he murmured.

Emily raised her eyes. “Am I?”

“I don’t think you need me to answer that.” Lucas slowly lowered his head until his lips were barely touching hers. “But you need to make sure you can handle the heat.”

Emily smiled up at him. “I want to find out.”

He smiled against her lips. “I do too.” He pressed his lips to hers as he picked her up and carried her back into the kitchen.

“I need to turn the stove off,” she whispered.

Lucas nodded and strode to the stove and turned the burner off and then carried her up the stairs. At the top of the landing, he glanced at her. “Which room?”

“You have the bigger bed.”

“My bed it is then, since I plan on using every inch of it.” Lucas chuckled when she blushed. 


The series comes as:

Lucas Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming Book 1

Montgomery Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming Book 2


Susan Fisher-Davis was born and raised in Cumberland, MD. She moved to Tennessee in 1996 with her husband. She now lives in a small town outside of Nashville, along with her husband and their three rescued dogs. "JAKE" is the first book of eight in The Men of Clifton, Montana series. Although, writing for years, it was just recently she decided to submit to publishers and signed a three year contract with Secret Cravings Publishing. Susan is a huge Nashville Predators hockey fan. She also enjoys fishing, taking drives down back roads, and visiting Gatlinburg, TN and her family in Pittsburgh, PA and her hometown. Susan will be beginning a new six book series starting in January 2015, The Bad Boys of Dry River. Although Susan's books are a series, each book can be read as stand alone books. Each book will end with a new story beginning in the next one. She would love to hear from her readers and promises to try to respond to all. She would also appreciate reviews if you've read her books.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Spotlight Vikki Vaught

I am so delighted to have Vikki Vaught as my guest today.

Now I met Vikki through a great publishing house who has now unfortunately has closed their doors. The current authors of the closed publishing house and now re-locating, either through other publishers or self-publishing and I am so excited for Vikki to have her work back up and ready to be read by the world once again.

So without further hesitation, lets kick our feet up, get out the tea and coffee and just as I have a sweet tooth, cake, cream cake :)


#1 – Do You See Writing as a Career?

I definitely do! It’s a career that I am passionate about. There is nothing more exciting than finishing a scene that moves me to tears. I still recall the exhilarating feeling when I received the print copy of my first book in the mail. When I’m enmeshed in a new project, I wake up each morning anxious to get back to my keyboard and can write from dawn to dark, even into the night if the words are flowing. Writing is a career that I will be working at until I’m no longer in this world.

#2 – What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?

There are days when the words just will not come. It happens to all writers at times. What I do when it happens is take a break and read a good book. Some of my best inspiration comes when I am reading!

#3 – Did you have any One Person Who Helped You Out with Your Writing Outside of Your Family?

Yes. I’ve been quite fortunate that several authors have taken me under their wing and helped me with the craft of writing. Two people come to mind immediately. Carolynn Sue Carey helped me tremendously in the early part of my career. Sue writes historical romance set in the Regency period and her knowledge of the period helped me immensely. KaLyn Cooper is one of my critique partners. She writes romantic suspense and her insight for writing action scenes has been invaluable.

 #4 – What is next for your writing?

Presently, I’m doing research for the third book in my Honorable Rogue series. Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey is the first book in this series, which will be available on Amazon within the week. The second story, Miss Kathleen’s Scandalous Baron is written, and I’m working with a critique partner to get it ready for publication in January 2016.

#5 – Do you have an addiction to reading as well as writing? If so, what are you currently reading?

I certainly do! In fact, I have to be careful that my reading doesn’t interfere with my writing. I usually read one book on my Kindle and listen to another audio book at the same time. I read anywhere from 2 to 5 books a week, based on my writing schedule. Lately, I’ve been reading The Gansett Island series by Marie Force and I’m really enjoying the books. Then I’m also reading some of Jo Beverley’s wonderful Company of Rogues books againI also recently finished Grey by E.L. James and absolutely loved it!

DESCRIBE Your Book in 1 Tweet:

Romance on the high seas: Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Romantic #suspense

This or That?

#1 - iPd or Mp3?  iPd

#2 – Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

#3 – Mashed Potatoes or French Fries? French Fries

#4 – Comedy or Drama? Drama

#5 – Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks? Nicholas Sparks

#6 – Fantasy or Reality? Reality

#7 – Call or Text? Both

#8 – Public School or Home School? Public School

#9 – Coffee or Hot Chocolate Coffee

#10 – eBook or Paperback? eBook

Tell us about the characters
Captain Alex Hawks:
Height: 6’2”
Hair color: Dark Chestnut
Eye color: Dark brown, almost black

Age: 28
Alex sails the high seas on his ship, the Renegade, traveling from America to ports across the Atlantic. His company, Hawks Shipping is homed based in Baltimore. He is driven to succeed in a career he did not choose. Alex graduated from Harvard with a law degree, but when his father died, he stepped in and took over Hawks Shipping and has never looked back.  

When Alex meets the Marchioness of Overton and her young son, the marquess, he suspects his life will be turned upside down. While he finds Anissa beautiful, the last thing he wants is an entanglement with an aristocratic lady, but when he learns of her plight, honor demands he help her.
Alex Hawks has many layers to his personality and life has not dealt him the best cards, but he refuses to allow anything to keep him from doing his duty. One personal hurt has made him cynical toward women with good cause. Whether he wants it or not, he has met his match in Anissa.

I hope you’ll enjoy the romance between Alex and Anissa as much as I enjoyed writing their love story. Happy reading!

Anissa, Marchioness of Overton

Charming Widow

Height: 5’2”
Hair color: Golden blonde
Eye color: Blue

Age: 26

Anissa has been a widow for seven months, deeply mourning her late husband. She learns that her son’s great-uncle has evil plans for her and Harry. Her only goal now, is to keep her son safe, no matter the cost, even if it means leaving her home and her country to do it. That is why she travels to America on Alex Hawks’ ship.

The last thing she needs is the distraction of the annoying, yet vastly attractive captain, but she has been so lonely, and seeking shelter in his warm embrace is very tempting. Her desire for Alex wages war with her conscious and her guilt.

Anissa was not raised in an aristocratic household, but she learned how to navigate the ton when she married her first husband and has adopted the aloof manners of an aristocrat. When she arrives in America, she is surprised at the easy camaraderie between Alex and his servants. She finds Americans so much friendlier and open than English society. If not for Harry, she could see herself being quite happy living in this bright new world.

About the book
When Lady Overton’s high-spirited son, the little marquess, distracts Captain Hawks’ cabin-boy and crew, he suspects the lovely lady may threaten his well-protected heart.

Book Blurb:
When her son’s life is threatened, Lady Overton seeks a vessel bound for America. Before the ship even reaches the high seas, sparks fly between her and Captain Alex Hawks. Although the young widow may be lonely and afraid, she cannot risk the diversion a romantic entanglement could bring, no matter how much she wants to lose herself in the captain’s embrace.  

The Captain vows to protect the little marquess, but can offer no assurance that the marchioness will leave his ship with her virtue intact. Alex is drawn to Anissa’s beauty and courage. How long can he fight a losing battle before he surrenders and makes her his own? 

Will Alex be able to keep this remarkable woman and her child safe? Will his passion for Anissa be enough or will their differences keep them apart?
Long Excerpt 1:

The heavy brass statue dropped from her hand, and Anissa, the Marchioness of Overton, touched her lips with a shaking hand. She glanced down at Lord Howard and stifled a gasp. Blood poured from the wound on his head as he lay sprawled out on the Aubusson carpet. The smell of fresh blood assailed her nostrils, causing her stomach to roll.

Oh no, what have I done?

Anissa remained frozen, as stiff and unyielding as the statue she had dropped on the carpet. Finally pulling herself out of her moment of terror, she knelt beside him and gingerly touched the side of his neck with trembling fingers. She felt a weak pulse. At least she had not killed him.

Never in a million years had she expected him to attack her in such a horrid way. Shock waves of fear raced through her heart, and she pulled the remnants of her bodice together as images of the struggle flashed through her mind. Thank goodness, she had grabbed the statue before he could ravish her.

Of course, he had tried to corner her countless times. She had always managed to evade him before. If she had known he had arrived home, she would never have chanced coming down for a book. A good thing she had, or she would never have overheard him talking to his son. Without this knowledge, she would have been dead the next day, and then there would have been no one to keep him from carrying out his diabolical plan.

The fright she had experienced when Lord Howard caught her still had her heart jumping in her chest. If his son had caught her, she could have been able to convince Bernard she had come from the kitchen after having a glass of warm milk. The poor young man was a bit slow-witted. With the die cast, she could not stop the turn of events her actions had started. She would have to get away before someone found Lord Howard and raised the alarm.

Anissa stood, went over to Lord Howard’s desk, and rummaged through the drawers, looking for the money pouch he kept hidden there. As she felt around the bottom drawer, her fingers closed around the purse. Pulling it out, she dropped it on the desk, then reached inside and pulled out a wad of bank notes.

Anissa counted the money and found well over two hundred pounds, plus dozens of guineas, and a fistful of other coins. She slipped the notes back into the pouch, along with the rest of the money, and then slipped it into the pocket of her gown. Looking back at Lord Howard, she tiptoed across the room. She opened the library door and peeked out to the darkened hall, making sure the coast was clear before she left the room.

All the servants should be in bed, although she was not sure where Bernard had gone. She prayed he had gone upstairs to his room. The last thing she needed was to run into the boy. His father had him under his thumb, scared to death of going against him in any way. After all, the lad was barely seventeen. She truly could not blame him.

As silent as a crouching cat ready to spring on an unsuspecting mouse, Anissa climbed the stairs to her bedchamber as the hall clock’s soft chime of the eleven o’clock hour followed her. After reaching her room, she sagged against the door, her fear-soaked clothing clinging to her clammy skin.

Anissa rushed over to the wardrobe and threw it open, pulled out her valise, and stuffed several black gowns, undergarments, and her nightclothes into it. She unearthed the breeches she wore when riding by herself. Thank God she had kept them all these years. After donning the boy’s clothing, she grabbed her black cloak to hide her masculine attire.

She went over to her dressing table and dumped the contents of her jewelry box into her valise. Her emerald necklace, a gift from her late husband, landed on top. Tears gathered in her eyes as she remembered Kendall fastening it around her neck for the first time, and something squeezed her heart like a vise.

Gathering her wits and dismissing the distracting thoughts from her mind, she could not give into her emotions now, not when the life of her son was held in the balance. She opened up the hidden compartment in the bottom of her jewelry box and pulled out some letters tied together with a pink satin ribbon. These letters were more precious than gold to her. Kendall had written them to her whenever they had been apart. Some might think her silly to save them. However, she gained comfort from reading them late at night when she missed him most.

Oh, why did Kendall have to die?

Anissa forced these thoughts from her mind. She could not afford to think of these things now. She needed to get to her son. She had to protect Harry and get him safely away. After she added the letters to the valise, she took one last look at the room she had lived in for seven years. Despair threatened to consume her, but she refused to give in to her terror and hurried out the door.
Buy Link:
Author Bio:

Vikki Vaught started her writing career when a story invaded her mind and would not leave.

Over the last few years, she has written more than a half dozen historical romances and is presently working on her next. Her new release, Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey, published by Secret Cravings Publishing is the first book in her Honorable Rogue series.


Vikki loves a "Happily Ever After", and she writes them in her stories. While romance is the central theme of all her books, she includes some significant historical event or place in all her novels.


While all her books are love stories, she has also written short contemporary sweet romances as Vikki McCombie and erotic romances using the pen name of V.L. Edwards.


For the last decade, Vikki has lived in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with her beloved husband, Jim, who is the most tolerant man in the world to put up with her when she is in a writing frenzy. When she is not writing or working her day job, you’ll find her curled up in a comfortable chair reading her Kindle, lost in a good book with a cup of tea at her side.


Metadata tags: Historical, Romance, Romantic suspense, Sea captain, Regency, England, America


What’s more than important: Love or duty @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Suspense Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey

Honorable Rogues: Got to love them @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Suspense Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey

Will Alex Hawks save the day or lose it all? @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Suspense Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey

For the love of a child: Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Romanticsuspense

Romance on the high seas: Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Romanticsuspense

Release Date: July 11, 2015 for Lady Overton’s Journey @vvaught512 #Historical #Romance #Suspense

Contest verbage: Vikki will award a commenter a $5 Amazon GC. One lucky winner will be randomly drawn.

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Latest News!

Book News!

So, all my books now have gone, been pulled down from most booksellers e-book, kindle downloads, since my publisher Secret Cravings have announced their closing their doors. I am at the moment waiting on my rights for the 6 books I had with the company, but due to the volume of authors this might take a little time. I am of course being patient, as I still need to decide exactly what I am going to be doing.

Other News!

I have been contacted by the local university to give another talk to degree (hons) students about publishing and writing. I had feared I wouldn't be much use, but after some encouraging words and how the previous talk back in June was a great success and how the students were on a high afterwards, it has left me overwhelmed, it would be my duty to not let these students down.

This event is big for me, boosting my confidence, giving me a chance to talk about something I enjoy so much. After all when I'm not doing the day job I am certainly writing, editing and communicating with some great author friends, this is me, this is Holly J. Gill. After all I do have a saying...Writing is where my heart is! 
Now something totally different!

Here is something I had to share of you tube, I do hope you enjoy!

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Release Blitz by Elena Matthews 'Look After Us'



Book: Look After Us

Series: Look After You #2.5

Author: Elena Matthews

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hosted By: Francessca’s Romance Reviews



This is the novella of Ava and Ashton's story.

This cannot be read as a standalone. You must read Look After You first. 


The road to true love isn’t always easy… but through all the heartache, Ava and Ashton have somehow made it through—coming out of the other end even stronger.

Madly in love and engaged to be married, Ava is finally getting her happy ever after.

But it seems Ashton’s brother, Tyler, will beat Ashton down the aisle. When he decides to tie the knot, he asks Ashton to be his best man. Not one to miss his baby brother get married, he and Ava fly to Texas to join in the festivities.

Everything is perfect.

Until Ashton’s past threatens to destroy everything.

Ava’s jealousy rears its ugly head as Ashton’s ex-girlfriend hangs on his every word. Even though she knows Ashton loves her, she can’t help but feel insecure, especially since she’s convinced that Ashton’s first love is karma in disguise, waiting to take her happiness away.

As tempers flare and tears fall, Ava knows she’s overreacting.
Or is she?



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Look After Us Release Day Party (September 12th 2015) -


Look After Us Release Hop (September 8th 2015, starts at 2:00 PM BST/9:00 AM EDT) -



About The Author

 Receptionist by day, author by night, Elena Matthews is from Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United, Media city and of course, Coronation Street. When Elena isn’t writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or watching guilty pleasures such as Gossip Girl, developing a rather unusual liking to Chuck Bass. And when she isn’t doing any of those things, you can often find her on Facebook, obsessing over Kellan Kyle, book boyfriend extraordinaire

Elena spent three years of her life at Salford University studying media production, to decide she no longer wanted to pursue a career in the media. Instead, it took her another two and half years to realise her calling. Writing. Now she lives and breathes her writing. She even had to tell her colleagues at work whenever she is found daydreaming at her desk, it’s because she is conversing with her characters.


Stalker Links


Facebook –

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Other Books In The Series


Look After You (Look After You #1)


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Look After Me (Look After You #2)


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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Please Read!

I cannot believe I am writing this blog post at all.

At 6.30 am 1/9/15 I was just checking facebook before heading to work for a 12 hours shift as a care assistant when I noticed there was much happening on my author private page with Secret Cravings.

I could not believe what I was reading, shocked, devastated and totally gutted to find out my publisher are closing their doors.

My dream what I craved so much for since being a young girl is over, gone, finished and my heart is currently in the bottom of my stomach. Desires my 5 novel erotic series and my latest release Innocence are going to be disappearing. They will go, vanish, delve into the underground without so much as a wave! I cannot believe just like that my dream has gone.

I put my heart and soul into my writing, the ideas that flooded in, my passion, my desire. I am truly gutted for my publisher and all the amazing people I met over the last four years. The Secret Cravings family was just sensational. No matter what questions I had someone would offer help and support, we were a big family and that is going too. So I feel like half my soul if just vanishing. I do thank sincerely from the bottom of my for giving me this opportunity to Secret Cravings for believing in me and giving me the chance. I am gutted for all the SCP family.

I am currently watching Amazon, sad maybe but to see Innocence has already gone, just brings tears to my eyes. I loved that book, I love Calvin and Kacey with my soul, only gone. And in hours Desires series will be gone.

Gosh I feel heartbroken. I will be waiting on my rights to all the books, hopefully I will get them.

My next step, removing all promotional posts, deleting all I can of all my hard work.

Near future, I am not sure, I still have to narrow a few things up....costs, maybe going to another publisher, or self publishing....any ideas would be greatly received.

So I end this blog post with my passions, the books that gave me my dream for four years, giving me the chance to be in the publishing world, meeting new people and making some great friends

I know I shouldn't but I recently got book 2 cover back from Dawne, my cover artist for Innocence of Love, which was with the editor but now of course, will not make it...  

This is ones one's fault!

Please do stay in touch, thank you to everyone who has supported me fans, readers, writers, bloggers and many more

Love to you all

Holly xxx

Writing is where my heart is

Goodbye for now!