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5* Review Capturing the Last Welsh Witch by J.M. Davies

I am so delighted to have back J.M. Davies with her fantastic Capturing the Last Welsh Witch including a 5* review

Great Supernatural read! 
I read this book for a honest review. This book kept me hooked, if you enjoy reading supernatural suspense, with murder, secrets, betrayal and passion, this book I recommend. I adored the characters Ella and Marcus. A must read!

Hello everyone, I would like to start by giving a big shout-out to Holly for letting me host this week’s addition on her blog. I am Jennifer Davies. I'm originally from Wales, but I’m now settled on the East Coast in New England. I have been married for nineteen years, and I’m a mother of four boys who make me laugh and cry. I have two cats, and a puppy called Ella.  

I have been very lucky that for the past seven years, I have been able to devote my time to writing romance and I get a huge thrill out of pushing myself. I completed my first YA romantic fantasy Children of Annwn: The Promise in 2013. In 2014, I  signed with Secret Craving Publishers to complete the trilogy (Children of Annwn: The Battle & Power of the Gilgamesh) which I finished in September 2015 under the name Jennifer Owen Davies. Unfortunately, my publisher closed and shortly after I started self-publishing.

The last several years have been amazing and even in difficult times; my love of writing has kept me going. When I knew the YA series was ending, I wanted desperately to explore my desire to write an adult romance, and I knew I wanted to attempt to write a paranormal story as I love reading them. CAPTURING THE LAST WELSH WITCH is published under my pen name J.M.Davies, and I was inspired to write Ella’s story based on the real-life story of the first Welsh witch to be hung in Wales and the rest came from reading, research, and my imagination. I have received some wonderful five star reviews and one glowing one from the Paranormal romance guild!

I’m toying with the idea of writing a sequel, but in the meantime my second adult romance is due for release in June 2016 The Vineyards of Allegretti! I also have another book hopefully to be out by the end of 2016. It is going to be very busy this year…

   A couple of quick facts about me, I love anything coated in chocolate. I love talking about my journey in writing, and I believe hard work is the answer to achieving your dreams.

CAPTURING THE LAST WELSH WITCH:  I loved writing this book and creating the chemistry between Ella Masters and Marcus Drayton, both strong but damaged characters because of their past. If you enjoy strong alpha males and stubborn heroines, a plot with plenty of twists and turns, sizzling chemistry, and steamy scenes this is a must read for you.      

                              PLACE THE  PICTURE OF ELLA &   MARCUS
                                    Blurb for Capturing the Last Welsh Witch

Ella Masters’s soul is five hundred years old and in each life, she has been fatally betrayed by men. This is her fifth and final life, and legend says she must meet her true love or this time death is eternal. Wanted for the murder of her latest boyfriend and on the run from the FBI, as well as the ruthless group the Elusti, it doesn’t bode well for any would-be suitors. 

Marcus Drayton has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing people, which has helped in his career as a special agent for the FBI, as well as his previous stint as a Navy SEAL. His latest assignment is to deliver Ella Masters, the Witch, which will give him the prized promotion in New York. After he meets the mysterious Ella, and realizes the Elusti are involved, the ghosts of his past force him to seek the truth, making every one he loves a target. 

As she runs for her life and freedom, Ella needs to discover whether Marcus is the warrior she needs. And can she trust him with her heart and soul before it’s too late? 

                          Snippet from Capturing the Last Welsh Witch

A muscle in Nate’s cheek twitched and he shot a sharp stare at her before he repositioned his hands on the wheel, which he gripped until his knuckles blanched white. Despite his coolly delivered speech, she affected him and she smiled at this awareness as she stared out the dusty window. A lot had changed in twenty-four hours—that was true—but what was the same was the fact she was his prisoner, even though he had called her sexy. That needed to change and fast, but where on earth were they headed? As she puzzled over her next move, his deep voice interrupted her thoughts.

“That kiss was a mistake it won’t be repeated, but I’m glad you’re awake. You had me worried for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to take you to the emergency room when you fainted. I thought you had been shot.” He briefly turned his intense gaze toward her before he turned back to the traffic.

Hearing his words and the implication, Ella bolted upright and adjusted her coat. She shivered with the cold and noticed that her jacket was unzipped, revealing her lacy camisole and her heaving bosoms beneath. Her cheeks flared with heat. Suspicious of his words, she flicked a furious glare at him.

“And how did you know that I wasn’t?”

“Before I became an FBI agent, I was a Navy SEAL. I’m used to checking bodies for injuries. Ella, trust me, I have seen a woman’s anatomy before.”

Her cheeks scorched with the knowledge that his large and capable hands had roamed across her flesh while she lay unconscious.

“Not this woman. Well, I hope you enjoyed your grope, because it’s the last one you’re going to get.” She pulled the thin velour jacket closer, as if to save her modesty, even though she knew that it was too late.

He smirked and turned the heater on full blast. “Ella, I’ve never needed to resort to seducing an unconscious woman. Ever. Women like what they see and as I happen to like women, a lot, I’m never without a supply of willing partners.”

God, he was unbearable. So arrogant. “Women like what they see.” Ha. Ella opened her mouth, ready to protest, but as she tried to be shocked, she wasn’t. Soaking in his features, she had to admit, he was a gorgeous hunk of controlled strength and masculinity with his square jaw, straight nose, and dark, intelligent eyes. She stared as his suntanned hand, which combed back his closely cropped but thick hair, and noticed the light stubble scattered across his chin and above his lips. It made him even more handsome and dangerous-looking. She believed him when he said women liked what they saw. She did. Ella also imagined that he knew exactly how to please them in every possible way, which made her mouth water. Swallowing away her growing desire, she reminded herself that she needed to figure out a way to get rid of him, and to escape.

Life was never fair.





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Author Spotlight. New Release Twirly Girl Venom Series #2 by V.L. Locey

I'm so delighted to be joined by V.L. Locey with her new release Twirly Girl Venom Series #2

by V.L. Locey

M/F Erotic Hockey Romance


Born into a prestigious and powerful political family, Venom captain Alicia Avery learned at a young age that appearances were everything. Alicia has now been molded into the perfect young woman; her only transgressions against the dictates of her parents to date are her dogged determination to play hockey and a rather radical new haircut. That was before Alicia met Dale Christie, a highly principled and deeply spiritual street performer who is raising his daughter, Wren Song, alone.


Now Alicia is finally opening her mind and heart to the knowledge that there is more to life than monetary success and ambitious goals. As her soul awakens, so does her desire for the man her parents - and society - would deem horrendously wrong for her. Can the Venom captain learn to walk a new path of serenity through life? Or will the pacifist and the hockey player be torn apart by a world that judges a person by the size of their bank account versus the largesse of their soul?



            "May you walk a blessed path," he called to the crowd then lifted his guitar over his head. "Mine will be a sunny one despite the clouds above, for this winsome lass has gifted me with her presence for the day." Everyone looked at me. I wanted to slide into the storm drain. Several people made vague comments. I nodded at them as my cheeks burned. When the crowd had dispersed, I folded my arms over my chest. Dale, the peaceful fool, merely smiled at my show of anger. "Are you mad that I told those fine people that you were spending the day with me?"             "No," I said a bit too quickly. "I mean, of course not. It's just, well, okay yes, maybe I was a little worried. If anyone recognized me, word would get back to my father." God, I sounded like such a stupid little girl. "Not that I care what he thinks about what I do."

            "What are we doing that would be so terrible for your father to hear?" he asked before crouching down to gather his donations then lay his six-string in the case. I stared at the top of his head while trying to come up with a reply. He glanced up while snapping the case shut. "The hardest part of the journey is that first step onto your own path."

             "I'm on my own path," I informed him. A newspaper truck stalled on the road. With a curse from the driver and a loud backfire, the vehicle then moved along. My gaze raced over the hundreds of cars creeping past. "I play hockey for a living, don`t I?"

            "That you do," he said as rose from his crouch.

            "Then you can`t tell me that my foot isn`t on my own path."

            "So it is. Shall we get walking? We need to make the train station in fifteen minutes."        "You don`t believe me," I said as we headed off at a brisk pace.

            "Is what I believe or don`t believe that important?" he inquired. We hustled across the street amid a crush of people. It was only after we had crossed that we could talk to each other once again.

            "No, it`s not important what you or anyone thinks." There. Put that in your chakra pipe and smoke it, Mr. Know-It-All. I peeked over at him. He wore a bemused smile. It was quite a kissable smile on that sensual mouth.

            "Why do you think I'm lying? I don`t give two shits what people think. I might just kiss you right here in front of the Philadelphia Inquisitor building to show you how many shits I do not give." Dale stopped cold, glanced skyward at the glittering mirrored building that held Philly`s largest daily paper, and then looked at me.

             "Alicia, you don`t have to prove anything to me," he said then shook some brown curls from his face. "Kiss me if you want to feel my mouth on yours. Don`t kiss me to make a point."

            I stepped closer. His dark eyes narrowed just a bit. My gaze darted down to his mouth then back to his eyes. A wild November wind whistled around the newspaper building. It ripped at his ugly scarf. I grabbed the fluttering scarf and pulled him that single step closer so our mouths would meld.

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V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and three Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.


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