Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Please Read!

I cannot believe I am writing this blog post at all.

At 6.30 am 1/9/15 I was just checking facebook before heading to work for a 12 hours shift as a care assistant when I noticed there was much happening on my author private page with Secret Cravings.

I could not believe what I was reading, shocked, devastated and totally gutted to find out my publisher are closing their doors.

My dream what I craved so much for since being a young girl is over, gone, finished and my heart is currently in the bottom of my stomach. Desires my 5 novel erotic series and my latest release Innocence are going to be disappearing. They will go, vanish, delve into the underground without so much as a wave! I cannot believe just like that my dream has gone.

I put my heart and soul into my writing, the ideas that flooded in, my passion, my desire. I am truly gutted for my publisher and all the amazing people I met over the last four years. The Secret Cravings family was just sensational. No matter what questions I had someone would offer help and support, we were a big family and that is going too. So I feel like half my soul if just vanishing. I do thank sincerely from the bottom of my for giving me this opportunity to Secret Cravings for believing in me and giving me the chance. I am gutted for all the SCP family.

I am currently watching Amazon, sad maybe but to see Innocence has already gone, just brings tears to my eyes. I loved that book, I love Calvin and Kacey with my soul, only gone. And in hours Desires series will be gone.

Gosh I feel heartbroken. I will be waiting on my rights to all the books, hopefully I will get them.

My next step, removing all promotional posts, deleting all I can of all my hard work.

Near future, I am not sure, I still have to narrow a few things up....costs, maybe going to another publisher, or self publishing....any ideas would be greatly received.

So I end this blog post with my passions, the books that gave me my dream for four years, giving me the chance to be in the publishing world, meeting new people and making some great friends

I know I shouldn't but I recently got book 2 cover back from Dawne, my cover artist for Innocence of Love, which was with the editor but now of course, will not make it...  

This is ones one's fault!

Please do stay in touch, thank you to everyone who has supported me fans, readers, writers, bloggers and many more

Love to you all

Holly xxx

Writing is where my heart is

Goodbye for now!


  1. big hugs my dear friend it is so sad. but on wards and up wards everyone of us at SCP will be back with BANG whether it be self published or with another. My fear over another publisher is that they won't be as good as SCP, we have be spoilt lol

    1. I totally agree Julie, we have been spoilt, and also this may sound terrible but with a publisher will we suffer the same fate xx

  2. it is sad- but we have to get back in the game. September is historically a low selling month- take this month and regroup. Read about self publishing vs publishers. I'm waiting on my covers and I'm putting them back on amazon until I figure out if I want to make changes or not. I'm going to do KDP Kindle Unlimited. You're only locked in for 90 days and it's easy as pie to put a book up on amazon. Take all the scp info out of the manuscript - and publish it. You have everything you need- you have your books, your talent and you're smart- take one step at a time and just breath

    1. Thank you Kathleen, I have been researching loads today, and looks like I will be going down the self-pub route, no way am I walking away from my books. It has been so sad the last few days, but like you said we need to pick up and keep going, they say 'things happen for a reason' Thank you so much for your comment, please do stay in touch, Hugs!