Friday, 12 June 2015


A Talk to Students
I will confess when a friend approached me about doing a talk at the local university a few months back I never imagined what I would achieve. I will admit when visiting the university to where I would be doing the talk to the 17 year old I was nervous. I've never experienced doing a talk before and I am pretty rubbish at talking in public, but however I will say writing is a subject I know well and have a great passion for.

The last few days Id been preparing for the talk, putting together hand-outs, to help the students with any advice I could possibly give, I did one about a list of books to help potential writers, promotion and media, how to sell yourself.

Today I turned up at the university and I will admit, a few nerves took over my tummy and I asked the question 'what on earth am I doing here?' But once I got prepped and started talking after my introduction the talk flowed, talking about publishers, writing process, media, promoting, what publishers look for, and wow...I loved every single second. It showed me how much I love my writing and how much I know about the marketing industry. The talk was set for 30-45 minutes, I went over that time 1hour and 15 minutes, just went to show my mouth can run away with me. I had many students taking notes, loving what I was telling them the positive and negatives. I even got handshakes at the end of the talk :)

Satisfied and delighted with the end
result I mentioned to the teachers if ever they'd wish me to visit again I would.
If I can help in anyway I can...I will!

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