Monday, 22 June 2015

Good Life!

This week has been a sad one. However I wish to celebrate a good life, a happy life, a woman with wise words of encouragement.  I've had to say 'goodbye' to a special person, the person might have only been in my life a short time but the fact remains without this person and  I might not be where I am now with my writing career.
This person was one of the first I'd shared the wonderful news of getting my first signed book contract for Secret Cravings Publishing for Desires my erotic series,  she was over the moon, not only had she been an avid reader through her life, she's always said to me 'I love to read but it takes a special person to create a book and put the story together' I was always blown away by her compliments and how she called me MFF (My famous Friend) It felt rewarding, joyful and made me more importantly smile. She always wanted to see my front covers and I couldn't wait to show her them, I'd talk about plots and what did she think, we talked about authors and who was her favourite one. she introduced me to anyone who came into the building, 'this is my MFF, she's a published author'. She was especially excited when I spoke only a few weeks ago about visiting the local university to talk a students, I told her how nervous I was, she said, 'you will be great. You love your writing career'. I then told her the same day I would be going on a local broadcasting show. Her words, 'See you are going places, love it and enjoy it'. When I next saw her last weekend I told her all about the talk to the students and being interviewed on the TV and she said 'see I knew you'd love it and be fine. It's what you love and you have great passion MFF. I am so proud of you'.
I will miss these special conversations. Her very last words to me where 'Keep writing and love it' Rest in Peace! 

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