Friday, 29 May 2015

Giveaway! Amazon Gift Voucher

To celebrate the launch of Innocence (The Innocence series book 1) I am giving you a chance to win a Amazon gift voucher that is running for the next few weeks, all you have to do is add Innocence on Goodreads to your 'WANT TO READ' then I will choose at random the winner!

Innocence On Goodreads!

This is the time any author has fingers, knees, feet crossed hoping and praying someone will buy your book and enjoy it.
The promoting side of being an author is the hardest part, gaining the traffic to your book and hoping you've done enough to collect some happy sales. Thankfully I have already received a 5* review on Amazon and here its is...

Well I've enjoyed all of Holly 's previous books ,but this one was written in a completely different direction to her others . I wasn't sure what to expect . Well what can I say other than 'when is book two out' . Loved it from beginning to end , you could feel both of their pain on the decisions life had put in front of them .not sure where to go who to turn too, yet she came through it all and is still fighting. What a roller coaster ride she had ,then after all those years she meets a man who seems to care about her ,like no one has for such a long time ,only to find he was the someone she had to run away from ,frightened he would disown her like her mother did . Bringing her mother to mind as someone I would like to disown , treating her daughter the way she did ,leaving her homeless , helpless on the streets vulnerable .while she carries on leading a normal life .. what amazes me is they all feel there suffering more ! They haven't lived the life of hell she has ,quitting her family ,giving something precious up ..well without telling you the whole story , this was a book I enjoyed from beginning till end ....

Smiley face clapping and dancing, it always delights me when someone has enjoyed my hard work. All that time and dedication, pays off, of course any author would wish for more interest, but Innocence has only been out a few days lol

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  1. Love the cover and it sounds like a wonderful book! Can't wait to read it. Shared :-)