Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Images of Inspiration for Innocence

 I have a great passion, an area where I love to visit regular, an area where I feel tranquil, refreshed and calm, a place where I can inhale the fresh air, relax my shoulders and drain my brain of any troubles. I love the idea of sitting and overlooking the most stunning of views listening to nothing but the birds singing and sheep grazing in the fields not far away.

I will confess this is where most of my inspiration came from for Innocence, the picturesque scenery. Let alone a landscape that forever changes.
I just love Yorkshire, and will find any excuse to visit. The area I have chosen for Innocence was discovered  over the years driving around and having many wonderful camping holidays. This location is based on the York, Malton close to the A64. A place where my hubby took me to visit just recently, not only giving me the emotions of where I based the tearjerker Innocence series but the fact the weather glorious and gave me time to relax.    

Innocence coming 23rd May 2015
with Secret Cravings Publishing

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