Friday, 10 April 2015

Where is Innocence?

Innocence News!!

 For any writer its an anxious time waiting for the editor, nervously waiting to see the dreaded damage and find out all the mistakes and mishaps you made, let alone using the wrong grammar, punctuation, sentences not making sense, and no end of notes from the editor to ask for more description, don't understand, does this mean this...but in my case for Innocence, yes I had a few of those questions, but not half as many as I suspected. In fact delighted my editor had mailed me saying how much my writing had improved and I've come a long way in my writing. That is music to an authors ears especially since in the first series when I wrote Desires series (see erotic Holly) I needed a great amount of help and guidance which I am eternally grateful to my co-authors for.

I guess being a writer it is paramount on your hunger to become a writer and enjoy writing that these failures I once had were corrected and I for one had the drive and passion to correct all the mistakes and get to where I am now. Yes, I still make mistakes, I'm only human, it's my desire that drives me.

Back to Innocence, I went of the track there! Where is Innocence?? It has made it's trip back over the pond to my wonderful editor for 2nd round of edits, correcting those all important  issues that came up in the first round and + my adding a little extra where needed. This is the stage where every author has to get the work right, and make sure everything is explained, to allow the reader to dive into the characters and engage in their journey.

I will confess I am so excited about the release of Innocence and it's coming your way, not long to wait...promise :)

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