Friday, 3 April 2015

Spring and Inspiration

Spring is coming!
So I've been working on banners and posts for Innocence, and now doing all I can to start getting the book signed up for interviews, blog posts, and managing very well. Thankfully I have some wonderful author friends who are happy to help and if I need extra help Secret Cravings are never far away
Spring is arriving, well kind off, the weather might be shocking with high winds, with rain and hailstones, but what I do like is the fact tress, shrubs, flowers are starting to blossom. Not only do I like seeing daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells, but blossom on the trees are budding, and it was this time of the year last year I started writing the Innocence series, so this time of the year for me is special, allowing me to have the real feel of the book. I am this Easter heading back to the exact location where I was out images coming soon, all owned by myself.
I will confess I'm looking forward to re-visiting where Innocence is based, and I'll make sure I have the tune that inspired me for the entire series Return To Innocence playing, the approach will no doubt give me  butterflies and Goosebumps, let's just hope I don't get caught taking pictures :)

Happy Spring...Happy Easter! 


  1. Beautiful pink picture! Enjoy the Easter holidays.

    1. Thank you Sandra, and thank you for stopping by :)