Friday, 20 March 2015

Process of 'Innocence' News!

Where about's is Innocence?

Well I can tell you things are getting pretty heated, exciting and I for one cannot wait for the next few weeks, this is the part where I start working on promoting and banners and thinking when should I show of my new glorious Innocence front cover.

What I can tell you is Innocence at present is with my wonderful editor, who I hope enjoys the book, it's always a fear of what they expect, or what they think, whether they enjoy it or not, the truth is they are only there to edit and make comments and tell you what is wrong...My editor is the best and thankfully I have had the pleasure of working with her on my erotic series Desires, Embracing Desires and Dan's Desires, both she needed oven gloves for due to the scorching temperatures. However, Innocence is something different something open to a wider audience something I hope somewhere along the line people can relate to and I for I can.

I am not going to give any clues to the story at this moment, and be mean and keep the front cover under wraps for now, but what I will share if the tagline

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