Friday, 27 March 2015

My Seven Writing Facts!

I was tagged earlier in the week, by Isobelle Cate to reveal 7 writing facts.... so here goes....

1/  I enjoy listening to music while writing, I listen to varies kinds of tunes from soul, rap to dance music and even the odd classical. It depends on what songs I have found powerful and engaging enough to help me write the scenes and follow the characters journey. However, not all times do I like music on some scenes must be written in silence.

2/ I write when I can as I work 12 hour shifts, two a week but sometimes pick up extra's or have training to attend. I also have recently become a nana to twins and love spending my free time with them and my daughter. So I write now when I can and if I don't have time to write a full scene I try for at least a paragraph just to satisfy my urge, failing that I will promote.

3/ I write of the cuff...I allow the words and characters to take the lead and allow my imagination to follow them, I don't write notes. I have a small incline to where the story will go, but in all honestly I have no idea where or what the ending will be. I was told when back in the day to always write a story, with a beginning, middle and end...I don't think so...just write and write to my hearts desire.
4/ I always write on my laptop, I can type at the speed my imagination is working at. I use to write longhand when I was younger, but these days by the time I get half way through the sentence I have forgotten what I would be writing lol.
5/ I love to research, I love the internet these days, google maps and I take some great inspiration of other authors for ideas. For Innocence the book is based in York and the surrounding area, and therefore being a good hours drive from where I live it was easier to drive to the location and get as much accuracy as possible, including seeing the Hall where I based Calvin's parents, the pub, and the local village. I will confess the pub that I used I have eaten a gorgeous meal in giving me the real feel for the place, let alone the atmosphere for the establishment. Now the river...the river you will discover in the book I am intending to go back and visit to get better pictures to use for my banners and posters.
6/ I love to read, I enjoy reading erotic contemporary romance, but recently I have been delving into more romance, no I'm not leaving the erotic world, but I enjoy the fact I can write more than one genre as you'll discover in Innocence. I have also touched on paranormal. 
7/ If I was to give advice to any new author who is wishing to explore the author world, I have this to share, keep writing try and spend a few hours a week if possible to write. You have to re-working your manuscript to make it perfect, you could re-write, take out, add over and over again until you become satisfied, but never stop your dream, as dreams do happen! Ignore bad reviews you are never going to satisfy everyone! Enjoy what you write! 
Happy writing!  

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