Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Follow Your Heart!

I often get asked where is your heart?

Answer. Writing and reading

Of course I have other commitments which need my engagement, my hubby, children and grandchildren, they are what comes first.

I have a vision and set myself deadlines to certain things such as writing, edits, reads, research is a continual thing, never learning enough.

I spend each day promoting, where I can, and stalk other authors to see how its done, to get an idea of how things are done. It's amazing how much I miss in a few days away from my hobby, and I intend to miss quite a bit, depending on how my days work out.

Regardless, I have deadlines and right now achieving my goal and happiness is what I desire.

Before I was fortunate to be published this was a song that influenced me, and kept me fighting and never give up chase you dreams

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