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Reviews for Innocence series. Hope and Dreams

 Innocence series

5* Review for Innocence book 1

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Such a sweet and fun read! Can't wait to read more in this series.

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5* Review for Innocence of Love Book 2

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Can you get your life back on track?
 Can you move forward from the past? Sophie met Calvin ten years ago and they had one night together and then Sophie disappeared, Calvin couldn't find her so he moved on with his life but he never stopped loving her. Sophie had to leave she was pregnant and her mother tried to get her to have an abortion so she lied and just disappeared.
Ten years later and they find themselves together again but in very heart breaking situation. Calvin saves Sophie and her unborn daughter's life and Sophie knows that she has to tell him about his son.

Calvin can't understand how Sophie could have done this to him, he is so hurt so he tries to see things from her view. Sophie doesn't know what to do she wants to keep Calvin around but there is so much baggage and maybe they should only stay friends.
Calvin can't wait to meet his son but he is so scared that they will all just disappear out of his life now that he has them together.
Can Sophie ever trust Calvin? She is trying so hard to be strong but she fears that he will break her heart. Will Calvin shows her how much she means and will Sophie accept him?

Lots of emotions flowing here, so much hurt and hopefully love will be able to shine through. Sophie has had such a hard life, her mother treated her horrible and she has tried her best. She is a real fighter and she is a good mom even though she had to give up her son she did it because she loves him. Calvin tries to be so strong but he is still so young and it is a lot to take in but I am glad that he still loves her so much.

A story full of hope and dreams of a better future.
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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