Sunday, 3 January 2016

News! New year! New Beginnings!

Wow, I cannot believe that 2015 is about to leave and another year is about to begin. 2015 has been a year has been full of mixed emotions, me being a nana to my beautiful grandbabies Thea and Jacob who at the beginning of December turned one, what a wonderful year full of hugs and devotion, watching them day by day change and developing a new tricks, celebrating their christening in August, such a special day and one that will live in my heart forever. How can two people bring so much happiness and fulfilment?
Now back in September I announced my publisher Secret Cravings were closing their doors, this broke me heart after they believed in me and gave me my first break as an author and joining the publishing world, and wow, did I feel a great sense of achievement. I adore the author world and finding some wonderful new friends. Now...I had six books with Secret Cravings and needed to find them homes quickly, so therefore, I decided after weighing up my options to go Indie. I have a great supportive team behind me who are there when I need them, which is fantastic.
I am so delighted to have all my erotic series Desires back up and available for you to buy on kindle or paperback.
Desires is your a kinky person and like things with plenty of spice and like your man younger...well Desires has it all. Desires is a sex club where all your fantasises become reality from BDSM, orgy to fetish, or maybe your just a couple wishing to escape the reality of life and enjoy one another, then go and delve in and feast your imagination.   



Further news on my contemporary romance series Innocence

Book 2 is coming in 18th January 2016  


Two directions, one past
Lives tipped upside down.
Forgiveness and pain.
Love and respect.
Can two hearts heal?

Quote: ‘I never make promises I don’t keep!’


Calvin Edward’s life has been tipped upside down, never had he imagined ecounter his first one true love. Only she held a massive secret from him for nine years— his son. His flesh and blood. How could have Sophie denied ever telling him about his child, now adopted to another family? Struggling with his emotions for Sophie, he has to deal with how to handle his son. Could he find it in his heart to forgive Sophie or is all lost?

Sophie Richards couldn’t believe the turn of events— how could the man who saved her turn out to be her first partner? Now the truth is out, her secrets discovered and finally she shared all her pain, never to have imagined the one man who showed her true care and affection is the father to her first child. She loves him, only Calvin resents her. How could she ever say sorry?
Already out and ready for download in Kindle or in paperback


After the fabulous experience in joining Second city in Birmingham UK back in July I couldn't wait to sign up for further events. Therefore I am delighted to confirm I am attending this year Liverpool and Manchester.
Manchester tickets to follow
Happy New Year to all! xx

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