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Release Day Book 2 in the Innocence series Innocence of Love

Innocence series
Innocence of Love

Release Day!
This book comes as part of a series this novel is book 2!

Genre: Contemporary Romance with sexual tension
Published by: Holly J. Gill
Word count: 110.256

Two directions, one past

Lives tipped upside down.

Forgiveness and pain.

Love and respect.

Can two hearts heal?


Quote: ‘I never make promises I don’t keep!’


Calvin Edward’s life has been tipped upside down, never had he imagined encounter his first one true love. Only she held a massive secret from him for nine years— his son. His flesh and blood. How could have Sophie denied ever telling him about his child, now adopted to another family? Struggling with his emotions for Sophie, he has to deal with how to handle his son. Could he find it in his heart to forgive Sophie or is all lost?

Sophie Richards couldn’t believe the turn of events— how could the man who saved her turn out to be her first partner? Now the truth is out, her secrets discovered and finally she shared all her pain, never to have imagined the one man who showed her true care and affection is the father to her first child. She loves him, only Calvin resents her. How could she ever say sorry?

“I’m deeply sorry about earlier. I was upset that you had gone through hell and it was all my fault, if I hadn’t got you…”

Sophie placed her finger against his lips.

“Ssh! Don’t talk that way, no-one knew how things were going to turn out including myself. I did what was right for Sabastian and whether you agree or not, it happened. I cannot re-write the past, but what I can do is think about the future, but right now I have to take care of Kacey,” she informed him whilst gazing deeply into his eyes.

He thinned his eyes distraught, “But I said some vicious things.”

“That was anger and pain and I understand all that, but please don’t hate me for making the choices I had. Trust me, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about Sabastian and what he’s doing. I love that boy with all my heart. He knows who I am, trust me…it had never been easy. And afterwards I sobbed, I still sob, just seeing him and seeing how happy he is makes my heart ease a little. But every single day of my life I’m haunted by walking out of their house. I was so cut up, like someone had stabbed me and tore out my heart.”

“I know…and it couldn’t have been easy for you. And he is happy and being well looked after?” he asked inquisitively.

“Yes, I wouldn’t leave him there otherwise. If I knew they were harming a hair on his head, I would call the police and have him out,” she stated.

Calvin sucked in a deep breath.

“I’m sorry,” he added, scrunching up his adorable face.

Her heart warmed, delighted he had come back to talk about the matter. She knew earlier he’d been cut up, now that they were sitting talking back to the way they were before she announced Sabastian. Her heart slowly being put back together.

“Can I see Kacey?”

Sophie smiled at him. She stood up. There was nothing more she’d love than him to be standing next to her by her daughter’s incubator. They walked into the unit and both stood overlooking her precious little girl watching her kicking and waving her arms around, getting stronger by the minute.

“I will have to go back to London tomorrow,” he announced.

“Okay,” she gulped, not wanting him to see how gutted she was.

Calvin’s a man she would move heaven on earth to make happy, he was unique, charming, and funny at times when he wished to be. Things had been far too serious recently loving to see him smile once again. When Calvin smiled, he gleamed his white teeth, eyes glowed and had this sweet thing of scrunching up his cute nose.

“Anyway…I had better be making a move, but you have my number…”

She furrowed her brows whilst gazing into his eyes.

“You deleted it like I told you too…gosh, must be a first a woman doing as her told.” He chuckled.


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Book 1 Innocence
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Excellent portrayal of life with meaningful lessons for us all.   OMG! The first page began with a scary drama then settled into page after page with sad thoughts about the past. After a few chapters, BAM! the mother of all bombs ignited and literally everyone was crying. And the surprising revelations don't end there. Over and over Kacey and Calvin torment themselves with thoughts of guilt, regret and agonized over "What if..." This plot is an intensive snapshot of real life. We make the best decision we can at the moment with all the understanding, facts and maturity we have. But on down the road, as we grow in understanding, knowledge and maturity, we tend to look back and second guess ourselves. Hindsight has 20/20 vision. The lesson in life is to accept what was....understand and forgive our decisions and actions...and move forward, accepting what is, learning from our so called"mistakes". Excellent portrayal of life with meaningful lessons for us all. Five Stars.

Writing is where Holly’s heart is… 

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