Friday, 10 July 2015

#Birminghamfirst Book Signing

Wow, I cannot believe its only 8 days until I am taking part in my #Birminghamfirst ever book signing. I have no idea what to expect and not even sure if anyone will visit my table, but either way I intend to have a good time. I still have so much to organise, getting my books and signing all my swag, so i'll definitely suffer with wrist ache.

I cannot wait to meet some amazing authors who all have crazy imaginations like myself. Just being in a room full of books excites me then I'll also be meeting some friends, who are coming to the event, and were sure to have a great time :)

 I am going to be there with my hot erotic series Desires and my recent release a adult sweet romance Innocence with book 2 coming out soon

All books available from Amazon

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