Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Latest News, Gossip and Events

Today I am going to share my latest news, gossip, and updates on what's going on in my mad world of writing.
Now I am going to start in order of events that have occurred in the past week, so let's begin...
I am  delighted to announce I have signed up for the UK signing event in Manchester on 13th August 2016
I just cannot wait to meet up with some further amazing authors, after my wonderful experience in Birmingham back in July this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. 

Due to me having 2 signing now scheduled for next year one 19th March in Liverpool, Aintree UK and now Manchester I decided to shake my bottom and get looking for a banner to promote myself.  Delighted with the banner stipulating my fine line 'Writing is where my heart is...' the colours perfect emphasising me as a person  however, it makes me feel so small, not that I'm tall 5ft 1inches but regardless standing next to the banner will make me proud.

The next stage of my week, it's every authors dream to meet a fan. What was so wonderful she had already brought 3 of my books for me to sign. I was astonished, blew me away that someone is actually buying my books. The series she purchased was my erotic series Desires, so if you like your kink...Desires is for you...

I have also this week been featured with Desires on Kam's blog  Author Showcase Desires please pop over and check it out.
Finally after not  being too happy with the print format for Innocence I decided on Saturday to take it down and re-work on the structure, the story stays but to me the presentation wasn't up to my standards and now, happy, clappy
dance Innocence is now back and ready for you to purchase in paperback.


Thank you for dropping by, means the world to me...


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