Saturday, 24 January 2015

Exclusive News!!

So it's almost been a week since finding an e-mail that sent Holly scatty and overwhelmed with excitement. In fact at times uncontrollable and longing to scream and shout from the highest point in the world.
Why is Holly feeling this way? Well...she had signed a four book contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for her breath-taking, heart wrenching, get the boxes of tissues on the ready, her 'Innocence' series.
Book 1: Innocence
Book 2: Innocence Of Love
Book 3: Breaking Innocence
Book 4: Return To Innocence
Know this series is something very different for Holly, and set her imagination rolling into the world of heart break, emotions, love and feelings. The fear of who you are, we all have weaknesses, strengths and need guidance, and sometimes just that one person to listen to you. Only in the series you'll find not only is there a special friendship, but the past comes back to life. 

A teaser!

“I think you are feeling emotions for this woman and you need to step back. You know nothing about her and that is what is worrying me. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. She is in a weak state and that is my biggest concern.”

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